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It is Official: Jessica Sanchez Joins Glee as Recurring Cast

Just like I always expected, it is official! TVLine announced that Jessica Sanchez will be joining Glee this season for a recurring role for at least 2 or more episodes!

It’s a done deal: Jessica Sanchez, whose monster pipes and near-perfect pitch carried her all the way to a second-place finish on Season 11 of American Idol, has closed a deal to recur on Glee, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Though to be honest, I'm not a big fan of Jessica but I believe that she is indeed talented. And when the American Idol concluded, I really predicted that Glee may offer her a role just because of the obvious reason -- she is young and charismatic. And I believe, Ryan Murphy knows how big her fanbase here in the Philippines and getting Jessica is definitely a good move like what he did before with Charice.

Now the question is what particular role will be given to her. Also according to TVLine, there are rumors that Finn will be getting a rebound girl after his big breakup with Rachel. Would it be Jessica? Why not right? And another question is if she will be playing a Filipino role or will they just make her the generic asian girl. Will her character be tied with Sunshine's role (Charice)? For now there are no details about Jessica's character on the hit drama. We will surely update you as soon as we get some news.

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