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Astroplus Blog-Connect: Magnavision Releases Spidey and More

One of the brands that presented last Saturday on Astroplus Blog-Connect is Magnavision.  Though Magnavision didn't really appear personally on the event, they provided us a brief presentation of movies that will soon hit the home media.  And of course the biggest among them is the Sony and Marvel Studios superhero reboot the Amazing Spider-man.

Though this movie received a lot of mixed reviews. One thing is for sure that this new Spider-man reinvigorates the mythos and gave the whole franchise another chance to start from scratch.  Personally the movie's weakness is the action scenes, but the overall execution makes The Amazing Spider-man a definite must watch.

And thanks to Magnavision and Astroplus for the copy :)

But I wish I got this item.  Not sure if the winner is already announced, I just wish I'm the one haha.

Other than The Amazing Spider-man, Magnavision also released Capcom and Sony Pictures Japan's CGI animated movie Resident Evil Damnation.  This movie is a direct sequel to the first Resident Evil cgi movie, Resident Evil Degeneration.

The movie is definitely much better than the live action because of the obvious reason of having characters from the original games play lead parts in the movie in contrast to the live action's completely new character leading the whole movie universe. It also helps that laws of physics don't really apply in animation so you can get a lot of cool special effects and stunts.  And I think Resident Evil fan girls are more than happy to see Leon on a new adventure.  Don't worry guys, Claire Redfield could be absent on this movie but we got a hotter female lead this time with Ada Wong.

Magnavision also got something for musical lovers.  Warner Bros. Pictures groundbreaking musical this year is now officially released on home version.  Get ready for Rock of Ages.

Originally conceived as a Broadway musical and performed numerous successful performances not only in Broadway but all around the world, Rock of Ages features cover musics from world's greatest Rock Bands and artists such as Def Leppard, Journey, Scorpions, Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Twisted Sisters and a whole lot more.  The movie received generally mixed reviews praising it for the musicality but greatly criticized for the reimagination of the story which is completely different from the Broadway version.  But overall I believe, Rock of Ages lived up to the expectations though personally Hairspray is still much better and I really want to see Adam Shankman doing more musicals with a lot of dancing.

If you are a J.J. Abrams fan, Magnavision is also releasing Alcatraz.  Another suspense thriller Scien Fiction about the mystery of the Alcatraz Island.  Remember the myth when all the inmates in Alcatraz mysteriously disappeared? Well now they are slowly coming back on the present day and they are back doing what they used to do: kidnap, murder, steal, etc.

J.J. abrams is known to be one of the best creators of Science Fiction themed movies and TV series and Alcatraz is definitely one of them.  Like its predecessor Fringe, Alcatraz' premise is quite catchy and it makes viewers glued on every episode.  Also the mystery of how the prisoners of Alcatraz time jump from 1963 to present day 2012 is enough to make viewers curious.

There are more titles released this month but all of the titles I featured are just my top picks for everyone.  Everybody should still watch out for future release as Magnavision is releasing a lot of good and exciting titles such as Total Recall (2012), Arthur Christmas, The Dictator, Ted, The Dark knight Rises, The Bourne Legacy and more.  For more information about new and upcoming releases follow Magnavision (Facebook | twitter) and Astroplus (facebook | twitter).

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