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Encantadia Short: Party Pilipinas VOX Edition

As much as I'm still waiting for the return of my favorite fantasy series Encantadia, up to this moment there are are still no concrete announcement about its return on television. Rumors are spreading that it may not be even a TV series but possibly a movie. I don't have a problem with that. As long as it will be directed by Mark Reyes who is the brain behind the series' success back in 2005. But while we are waiting, a friend from LionHearTV shared a very interesting video. I'm very sure that Hardcore Encantadiks (fans) will be thrilled with this video. Watch the video after the jump.

The video is created under thedirection of Mark Reyes, used for Party Pilipinas VOX edition segment. The Sanggres are comprised by Francheska Farr as Pirena, Julie Anne San Jose as Danaya, Rachelle Anne Go as Amihan and Kyla as Alena. Personally, I'm overflowing with joy just to see this short. To see the 4 Sanggres is definitely a pleasure to all Encantadiks who followed the series before and I will hug Direk Mark Reyes for that.

But if I will go nitpicking, there are a lot of things that caught my attention like Pirena (Fire) and Danaya (Earth) using Lightning based attacks and Alena (Water) using Fire based attacks. The action scenes are not really that good. These actors definitely needs more training if they really want to be cast on the series. Regarding the casting, surprisingly 3 of them passed my standards. Francheska, Julie Anne and Rachelle Anne fits well as warrior princesses but I suggest that Francheska to be cast as Amihan while Rachelle Anne to be cast as Alena. Kyla tried but she really needs to try much harder.  Julie Anne San Jose as Danaya is spot on casting though I believe Julie Anne still needs more training in acting.

If I will be asked, I hope GMA will choose to revive Encantadia as a weekly series rather than an everyday one. Special effects driven series needs more time for post production and if they want a good quality series, they will stick to a weekly one.

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