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A New Bona, A New Classic: Play Review

Who among us are annoyed of remakes and reboots.  This is probably the most rampant creative process that is being adapted both abroad and in local entertainment industry.  Though most reboots and remakes in Hollywood fairly displayed good reinventions, original classics stays superior and one of a kind.  In local entertainment scene it is rare to see remakes that really shines and most of them are slammed by critics and regular fans. When will we see a remake that is if not much better is as good as the original.  I think we already have with PETA's latest offering: BONA.

To be honest I'm the kind of person who rarely watch movies older than me.  It is not really based on artistic taste but more on content.  I first saw Bona months ago when it is broadcasted in Cinema One.  Their I found out why it becomes a classical genius.  But personally it is the movie that I don't enjoy watching.  It is depressing and it can definitely get in to your nerves.  Bona before is like most of the Indie films now.  That is the reason why I'm not an avid indie watcher.  Now PETA on its latest season braved the tides and create a theatrical play based on the original.  I say they are brave because it is not easy to adapt something that is considered a classic.  Many tried (mostly on TV) but they miserably faile. I believe that PETA will absolutely have a bad time not only on staging but also on promoting but I guess I'm wrong.  Enter Eugene Domingo and the game changes. 

Now, do the play itself live up to the expectations?  Yes because the show promises something very entertaining and with Eugene on board you won't even doubt that promise.  Eugene is a brilliant comedic performer.  Give her 10 lines and she will perform hundreds.  Her ad lib makes the whole audience crack out of laughter almost every scene.  She knows how to deliver even the most simplest joke and make it the most hilarious thing you ever heard without being corny.  And Eugene is not the only one who delivered excellent performances.  The whole ensemble are composed by a good mix of veteran and newbies that knows how to react to Eugene's comedic attacks.  Specially her supporting character  Joey Paras whom I really enjoyed watching ever since I saw him in Zsazsa Zaturnnah.

Eugene Domingo (Bona) and Joey Paras (Baldy) -- the comedic tandem that carries the whole show.

The only thing probably purist will not be comfortable of is the complete upgrade of the Bona Myth.  There are a lot of things replaced from the original material and the sudden shift from straight drama to a Dramatic Comedy.  If I would be asked, I will be very bias because I don't really like depressing movies so I will definitely prefer this new version.  But I believe that this new version stands independently from the original.  The original is definitely the classic and it will never be replaced by any remakes.  This new Bona is a NEW classic in the making that this generation will remember for the next decades (or even century).

The show is great but of course for me there are some imperfections. [SPOILERS ALERT] First, I see the significance of the Boy Abunda clip but I believe that there are more much better way to express that same idea the writer is trying to show on that particular scene.  The tension of the iconic scene is abruptly cut with that less emotional clip.  I'm not sure if they already edited this particular scene but I believe a lot of critics don't like this part of the show. And lastly, I feel short changed with that iconic finale.  I felt that the pain is not enough.  Edgar Allan's execution for me didn't translate to what that pain should feel.  I know how it feel and what I experienced is probably 1/100 of what Edgar's character should feel.  It is a pain made in hell and I didn't felt it. And then that Boy Abunda clip suddenly cuts in which adds to be disappointment.

Bona is definitely a show worth recommending for.  Like I always say, sometimes the journey counts more than the destination.  So despite the weak ending, the whole show compensates for that for giving the audience an entertaining and insightful ride.  PETA, you rock!  Congratulations.  Bona is closing this weekend so to everyone who haven't seen the show, you have two days left to experience it.  Grab your tickets now through www.ticketworld.com.ph or www.petatheater.com. For more information contact 725-6244, 0917-5765400, 0916-3090707 or email PETA at petatheater@gmail.com.

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