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A Twisted Return to Hogwarts: Potted Potter Review

Saw Potted Potter last Tuesday and just like what I expected, I enjoyed it a lot. I really thought before that the magic of the books stopped in the movies but I guess J.K. Rowling's legacy will live on different ways you can't even expect and this show is just one of them.

Potted Potter is a story telling session fused with stand up comedy act conceived by Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner. When I first heard of it, I'm quite puzzled on how will they cram all those 7 books to a very brief 70 minute show. In that case, every book has an average of 10 minutes each? How is that possible? Well you won't really understand it until you see it for yourself. Surprisingly, 70 minutes is enough to give entertainment to the audience and make everybody laugh and have a good time. There are wizard battles, dragon, Nagini and even the famous Quidditch is inserted on the show where audience is given the chance to participate. Ha! You really need to see that part of the show because it is totally fun.

I love both of the actors featured in the show. Jesse Briton and Gary Trainor carried the whole performance excellently. Both actor has good chemistry and they have managed to forge a perfect rapport with the audience. I also noticed that some scenes are improvised and ad libs are performed based on how the audience will react to a certain dialogue or joke. The actors came well prepared of local facts that they can use to personalize the script and make it a little unique for Manila.

But if people are expecting that they will be educated with Harry Potter facts, you may not get it. Because this show is strongly parodied. It is so twisted that you can't hardly see the HP reference if you never read the books or watch the movies. In other words, only Harry Potter fans can fully enjoy it.

on the scene: Jesse Briton with Me.  Got a photo shot with Gary Trainor but in some weird phenomena my friend who took the photo got hit by an unknown curse and it didn't come out good.  For the record she took the photo twice :P

It is a fun watch to say the least. It is definitely a must watch for all Potterheads out there. Guys you only have until September 2 to see it. Grab your tickets now at Ticketworld 891-9999 or log on to www.ticketworld.com.ph.

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