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Jori on the Scene: God of Carnage Manila

Just reviving an old section on my blog.  I  stopped bragging about events that I attend and just leave my photos on Facebook or Tumblr but thanks to last night event, I'm convinced that they are still worth sharing on this blog specially if the people involved are just heavenly talented.

with the chaotic cast of God of Carnage Manila (L-R): Lea Salonga, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, Me, Art Acuña and Adrian Pang.

One word for God of Carnage = sick!  But of course in a good way.  This show is not only funny but also an eye opener on several issues in life such as marriage, parenting, and even animal cruelty.  Though on a shallow analysis it is a enjoyable show, on a deeper note it is a thought provoking drama that people should not miss.  Running for a limited engagement of 2 weekends, God of Carnage is directed by Bobby Garcia from Atlantis Production.

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