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The Amazing Spider-man Concept Art Shows Early Costume Designs

As much as I'm completely over the hype of the Amazing Spider-man, these set of concept artworks from the film instantly caught my attention.  Well because they are the costume design studies for the suit of Spidey himself.  If you think the final design is an abomination to the original Spider-man costume design, well think again for the following artworks sports some out of this world designs that may give purists another reason to hate Marvel.

Below are designs by Eddie Yang who is also a designer who worked with "Iron Man", "The First Avenger: Captain America", "Thor", "Battleship" and a lot more.  His Spider-man designs are more out of the box, with less noticeable characteristics from the original costume design.

The following designs are done by Aaron Sims company.  This is the set who tried to stay closer to the essence of a Spider-man costume.  But just like the final design, some of them are went crazy and created a new interpretation of the web crawler's costume.

Finally the following designs are more for the Lizard.  As much as I'm completely sold to the final costume design of Spidey, the Lizard is a completely different story.  The designs I will be showing you are much better compared to the final Lizard design used in the film.

See, the Lizard could have been more menacing with the above designs.  I don't care if it will give nightmares to kids. All I want is a scarier reptilian villain.  What about you?  What do you think about these design studies?  Voice out your opinions on the comments below.  The Amazing Spider-man is still showing in all cinemas nationwide distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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