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Spoiler Warning: NECA Announces Prometheus Action Figures Series 1

Through their official website, NECA announces the upcoming release of movie tie in action figures for Ridley Scott's latest masterpiece, Prometheus.  And the toys that will be released first as series 1 are none other than the "space jockeys" themselves.

SPOILER WARNING!!! SPOILER WARNING!!! SPOILER WARNING!!!  The images and video posted below are definitely big spoilers for the movie so it is highly advisable to hit back now to avoid it.  But if you really don't mind being spoiled then you are free to proceed.  Watch the video brief about the action figure below.

For those who already saw the film, we already know the biggest twist of the Space Jockeys and this action figures are probably the best depiction of the real identities of the creature baptized as Engineers by Dr. Shaw (Rapace).  These creatures are suppose to be the real creators of man.  Imagine how crazy is that.  Before, we always joke about man evolving from extraterrestrials.  Now Ridley finally dropped the bomb. 

The Engineers: Chair Suit (Left) and the Pressure Suit (Right)

Photos above are the first clear images of the Engineers released on the net. I guess I'm too busy thinking while the movie is giving me blow by blow revelations that I don't really got the chance to marvel these awesome designs. The figures definitely look excellent and highly detailed.  I'm very sure that Alien aficionados will definitely get both of these gorgeous beauties when it is finally out in the public.  The collectibles are set to be released on September 2012, after next month's big announcement at the San Diego Comic Con 2012 (SDCC)Prometheus is still showing on cinemas nationwide, distributed by 20th Century Fox.

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