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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

First Look: Iron Man 3 Set Photos Featuring Iron Patriot Armor?

Yup, you've read it right.  We just got some paparazzi shots from the set of Iron Man 3 featuring a new armor who is no doubt the Iron Patriot suit, unless they will give this baby a new name in the film but regardless of the name, it is still the iconic suit that launched the well received series Dark Avengers.  See the images after the jump.

But just like what most expect, it is not Norman Osborn.  Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin is a Spider-man character so technically the character belongs to Sony Pictures.  The actor seen wearing the armor on the set is James Badge Dale who is credited as Eric Savin.  If we will review who Eric Savin is in Marvel Universe, he is the super villain called Coldblood 7.  So it appears that Shane Black is doing what Iron Man 2 is being criticized to by merging 2 separate characters.

Personally, for me it is not a big deal but I understand if Iron Man fans will think otherwise.  I hope this development about the Iron Patriot suit is for the good of the film.  As an added bonus, with this design, it is possible that we are given a hint on how the Extremis armor will look like.  Looking forward to see more.  Set to be released on May 2013, Iron Man 3 is from Marvel Studio to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Photo Source: The Superficial

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