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Prometheus Feature: Weyland Industries Introduces David 8

Kicking off for Prometheus viral marketing is a video featuring Michael Fassbender as the android called Dave.  This video is suppose to be a promotional ad for Weyland Industries newest version of David android which is according to the video has new upgrade which is "real emotions". Watch the video after the jump.

He has been reimagined, reengineered and brought to life with better technological, intellectual, physical and emotional performance than ever before. Welcome to the eighth generation of cybernetic advancement. Brought to you by Weyland Industries.

With his new 99% emotional sensitivity level, David 8 can enter seamlessly into any environment and carry out an authentic human interaction. David 8 can understand and respond appropriately to even the most intricate emotional cues or subtly stated verbal commands. David 8 has valuable skills in manufacturing, finance, earth sciences and medicine, and he can become instantly competent in almost any other field... Read More...

This video gives me the creeps.  I not really sure why.  I like it that Michael Fassbender is doing a great job on portraying a robotic role.  There is a touch stiffness but at the same time his eyes can show emotions.  Contradicting qualities but blends well with Fassbender's acting skill.   David also reminds me of Steven Spielberg's 2001 sci-fi drama AI: Artificial Inteligence, where the main protagonist is also called David.  I don't know if the idea is intentionally the same but both has a distinguishing quality of having emotions despite being mechanical creations.  The only difference is David 8 has an Adult form while David from AI is a mecha child.  This movie is slowly getting better and better with all this viral marketing gimmicks.  I'm quite very excited but at the same time very worried.  Very worried that behind the hype is an underwhelming film.  I really hope it is not.

Coming in Philippine cinemas on June 6, 2012, “Prometheus” is from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. (in Phil. theaters) nationwide.

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