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And it all Starts Here: Marvel's The Avengers (Short) Review

So yes, I already saw The Avengers last night.  Despite the fact that the movie is already getting a lot of praise both from critics, fans and regular moviegoers, I still can't help but be worried about what will the movie's final product will turn out. I have those experiences that when people says good things about a movie, I get too excited and end up being disappointed in the end.  But I'm completely relieved because everything that I read and heard from people is true.  The Avengers is totally Awesome!!!

I know it may sound like a big understatement but The Avengers is definitely the best movie of the season (So far).   The fact that the movie works smoothly in all aspects of film making (story, character dynamics, visuals etc.) is enough proof that Marvel did what no other company can do -- create a massive cinematic universe that has consistency and cohesion.  At this point, it already doesn't matter who's comic company is better. In the end no one can ever deny the universal fact that Marvel took the risk to make a movie that only exist on all geeks' dreams.  Now, that dream is already a reality.

So to the competitor, I only have one question for you:  What is your next move?

Now showing in all cinemas in the Philippines and soon to be hitting US shores on May 4th, Marvel's the Avengers is from Marvel Studios to be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures

I usually don't care if people want to watch a movie in 3D but because of my horrible experience with this film, I strongly suggest that you do not watch it on 3D format.  It doesn't really look much better, instead it makes the movie look darker.  Doesn't matter if you can afford it, take my word for it, you will just waste your hard earned cash.

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