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MIB 3 Releases New Trailer + New Variant Posters

Columbia Pictures releases new trailer for the upcoming sequel, Men In Blak III.  This new trailer brings more footage and the reveal of some plot elements that we need to know about the film.  Watch the trailer afer the jump.

Time stream theme is becoming more popular every year.  With the worldwide popularity of such shows like Heroes (defunct), Fringe, Doctor Who and more, time travel is absolutely becoming the industry's most used plot device.  Who said you can only move forward if you can go back.  Hahaha.  So far the plot of Men In Black 3 is still generic--The time is rewritten and the hero needs to go back in history to restore it.  But what this trailer have that fascinates me is Josh Brolin playing the young Agent K.  Brolin definitely nailed the character not only on the looks but also from simple gestures and mannerisms.  He even talks exactly the same way like Tommy Lee Jones.  He is absolutely the right guy for the part.  Now I just hope this is better than MIB2.

Coming in theaters on May 23, 2012 from Amblin Entertainment, to be distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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