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Power, Temptation and Destruction: Chronicle Movie Review

Chronicle have been getting all the hype ever since the first trailers are released and I've been very curious how the movie will be like when it is finally released in the public.  My primary concern about the film based on the trailers is that the concept is not really new.  It has been done before so many times on movies, television and comic books.  But when I finally got the chance to see the film last Tuesday night, I'm surprised that it is much better than I expect it to be.

The film tells the story of three teenagers, Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan), Matt Garetty (Alex Russell) and Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) who acquired super powers after being exposed to a strange object.  Like a new toy, the three starts enjoying their new found abilities by messing around with people, playing pranks and committing small scale mischief.  But things get out of hand when emotions starts to take over.  Can these group resist the urge of the dark side or will they give in to the instinct of rage and destruction?

I appreciate how the film is done in the most simplistic approach and with less sugar coating.  The elements of science fiction is definitely there but was never emphasized with the use of advance gadgetry or complicated scientific lingo.  The film's major strength is the script and the emotional significance of the concept.  The movie allows us to witness and feel raw but strong emotions that connect directly to the audience.  Since the connection and feelings are real, audience finds it much easier to empathise with the characters and allows us to go deeper on each character's personality.

Of course everything is not possible without the excellent performance of the cast specially  Dane DeHaan, who portrays the character of the emotionally disturbed and repressed Andrew Detmer.  His powerful and believable performance serves as the movie's core that eventually becomes the main catalyst of energy and sensation for the entire film.  Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan on the other hand are also not disappointing for they both did pretty well portraying their respective roles as the protective cousin, Matt and the free-spirited jock, Steve.

But the movie is not just an emotional roller coaster ride.  After the gradual build up to the climax, Chronicle surprises everyone with an intense and exciting bout that even previous high profile superhero movies fail to execute.  The scene is short and quick but highly satisfying, quenching my thirst for an action packed finale.

Props to the production for a very brave and outstanding attempt to create a film on an era where superhero genre is dominated by high budgeted and high profile properties in the industry.  This movie proved that a movie doesn't need complicated story or an array of big names to be great but only talent, dedication, heart and guts.  Created and Directed by Josh Trank and written by Max Landis, Chronicle is now showing in all cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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