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Street Fighter X Tekken Announces Sony Exclusives: Mega man and Pacman

I didn't really saw this coming since I really thought they are sticking with pure Street Fighter and Tekken characters.  But I guess Capcom and Namco are willing to think out of the box just to have gimmicks for the product.  And speaking of Gimmick, though we all know that Megaman and Pacman are two popular characters from Capcom and Namco respectively, you may not recognize them because they are appearing on a different or should I say weird way.  Watch the video to see my point.

Well you can still recognize Pacman here but this time he is not fighting by himself but he will be controlling a Mokujin body.  So when you look at him, he looks like a Mokujin with Pacman as the head.  Though personally I think Pacman can fight with the other characters even without Mokujin, still he looks kickass on those fighting moves.  But I can't say the same to Mega man.

The Mega man that will appear in the game is based on the US bad box art that appears on the classic Mega Man game back in the 80's.  And just like what they call the art, this character is not just bad but probably the most ridiculous character ever created for a fighting game.  I really hope Capcom has better ideas than this.  Norimaru looks more decent than this abomination.

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