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The Faith Dilemma: Next Fall Review

Do you believe on something that don't believe in you?  How can a gay man be a believer if in return the very words he put his belief in dislikes them. This is the dilemma discussed on Repertory Philippines' first offering of the year, Next Fall.

A masterpiece written by Geoffrey Nauffts, Next Fall tells the story of the five year roller coaster love affair of two gay men, Luke (David Bianco) and Adam (Bart Guingona) in the busy streets of New York City.  It is a very wonderful relationship and an almost perfect one if not of Luke's religious conviction and Adam's Atheistic intimidation that leads to constant arguments about Faith and God.  The two tries to cope with each other's belief at least to avoid any dispute but everything turns upside down when a tragedy happened that suddenly changes everybody's life.

leads: The Atheistic Adam played by Bart Guingona and the religious Luke played by David Bianco
having some  quality time together.
At first you will see Next Fall as a typical play that discusses Homosexual relationship.  The show is witty and not to mention smart.  But it is actually more than that.  The show may have questioned the unending issue of morality and faith but in the end the show didn't answer anything at all.  Instead the show brings up more questions than answers that eventually make people start thinking.

Like the characters on the show, Adam and Luke have their own beliefs.  Both character are strong believers that is why they always end up arguing about them.  So what did they do to stop the argument?  They stopped thinking about it and continue their lives enjoying each other's company.  That is how we all live our lives, we stop thinking about our faith to be able to cope with the society that believes on different faiths.  But despite the intentional ignorance over these beliefs, the show thought us that we will still come to the point that we will all have to make the choice.  Whether it is right or wrong, moral or immoral, it is a choice we need to make when the time comes.

Supporting cast with Niccolo Manahan and Liesl Batucan playing friends to Luke and Adam
anf Juno Henares as the loving mother of Luke

I don't really need to go in the details about the performers because they are all brilliant.  Two thumbs up for both the leads (Guingona and Bianco) and supporting casts who naturally portrays life as it is giving us the chance to experience real emotions.  Next Fall is definitely a must watch for people who wants to think and question life.

Now on its closing week, don't miss the chance to see this wonderful play directed by the talented Audie Gemora.  For tickets call Repertory Philippines at 571-6926 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.

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