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There is More Than One: Arthur Christmas Movie Review

As if we all need another Santa Clause movie.  To be honest, I'm one of those who are not excited to see another one.  Well because of the obvious reason that I've seen every single one specially those with Tim Allen.  Not that they are bad, but I just got used to it and the magic had already disappeared.  And maybe I'm just one of those kids who just outgrown Santa and found out that he is not really real.  So after that I totally lost all interest over  Santa Claus movies.  But not until I saw Arthur Christmas.

New Santa, new gadgets, new ways of delivering gifts, these are just one of the things you will be enjoying to witness.  Does the modernization kills the spirit, well sort of but that is actually one of the movie's stirring point and it helps to build up the conflicts between the characters.  And the revelation about Santa Clause is quite interesting. And of course the movie will not be complete without the joy and warmth of Christmas Holiday brought not only to kids but also to those young at hearts.

If you are tired of Santa Clause movie I'm telling you that you should give Arthur Christmas a chance.  Well at least let your kids see them of course with you and discover the greatest secret Santa Clause is hiding from every one.  Arthur Christmas opens tomorrow, December 7 in all cinemas nationwide distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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