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Melancholia: Depressingly Brilliant

Currently sad now.  Blame it to Lars Von Trier's latest movie Melancholia.  When the first press release about this movie came out in the public which is I guess during the Cannes Film Festival, a sudden twinkle of interest sparked on my mind.  When they said that the movie is about a rogue planet colliding to Earth, it is enough reason to see it.  But people getting morbidly depressed because of the phenomena, it gets more interesting.

Finally I got the chance to see it earlier.  I'm amazed how original it is.  Though I saw a lot of science fiction drama before, Melancholia is absolutely different.  It talks about people's capacity to be depressive and how they affect all the people around them.  It is a study of human psyche under great tension and stress.  The whole apocalyptic scenario is just a big back draft but surprisingly both blended well to each other.  The roller-coaster ride of emotions specially on Act 1 can really get in to your nerves and suddenly you will not notice it that just like the characters on the movie, you are already feeling depressive.  Good thing?  Yes, absolutely.  I believe it serves its purpose of showing how depression can be far more contagious than a deadly disease.  

The actors are great.  Specially the lead Kirsten Dunst who played the character of Justine.  After Spider-man 3, I lost faith on her but I'm happy that at last the old Kirsten is back.  I can't hardly see the remnants of her being Mary Jane Watson but now all I can see is her brilliant works on the past like Little Women and Mona Lisa Smile.  

I applaud Lars Von Trier for giving us a very unique ride on this film and it somehow opens my mind on how depression works.  I highly recommend this film to everyone but if you are the one who hates watching depressing movies, might as well skip this for the moment or try watching it with somebody.  It sometimes help when you have somebody to hold your hands.

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