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JORITV: Khai Lim Releases First Single and Music Video: Lose Control

When I first met this gorgeous lady years ago, other than being a skilled host and dancer she caught my attention by wowing us with her magnificent voice.  That time I know that she will soon go places as a professional singer.  True enough last year she ended up joining the all girl singing group Kitty Girls with Jocelyn Oxlade and Ayanna Oliva.

First time I met Khai years ago

After a year performing with the Kitty Girls, Khai being a natural musical genius begins writing new original songs and now she finished her first single that she is excited to share to the public.  Here is my short interview with Khai telling us more about her project.

So without further ado here is the official music video of Khai Lim's first single Lose Control.

Though personally I'm not fond of listening to electronic pop, it is no doubt Khai is gifted not only with a beautiful voice but also with musical talent to create such music that can be compared with Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Lily Allen.  I forgot to ask her if she will write songs in other genre but I hope she will because you guys should hear her sing pop songs and ballads.

For more infos and more videos about Khai visit her official Youtube Channel here or Like her official Facebook fan page.

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Congrats Khai! Pinay Pride! ;P

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