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Filipino Artists Define Art in their Own Way

Here is an interesting video shared by a friend online showing several personalities defining the word Art which is probably the most ambiguous word ever created in human history.  But here are these proud and brave people of the Philippine theater arts standing in front of a camera giving Art their own interpretation.  Watch this very simple but very inspiring video after the jump.

This video campaign aims to take a closer look on how the arts can be applicable to our lives. Expressed by those who live, breathe and LOVE it - the Filipino Artists.

In a society that sees art as frivolous, and being ma-drama and maarte, we challenge to change the paradigm and change the meaning of art.

That video is so lovely.   In a 3rd world country like the Philippines, all of us can't really make money with Arts alone.  But still many people believe that we can't live without it.  Being an artist myself I can say it is a tough life we are trying to live everyday but with just a pinch of melody, a stroke of a brush or a sway of your dancing feet, we can still survive the harsh realities of life.

What about you?  Ma-ART-te ka ba?

Featured artists:

Robbie Guevara - Director: Rent, The Wedding Singer, Sweet Charity
Ana Abad Santos - Actress: Shock Value, The Joy Luck Club
Carlos Canlas - Actor: Magsimula Ka, Aida, Tanikala
Gab Santos - Actor: Orosman at Zafira, A Little Night Music
Stephanie Reese - Actress: The King and I
Joel Trinidad - Playwright: Breakups and Breakdowns, Much Ado about Nothing
Reuben Uy - Actor: Orosman at Zafira, Shakespeare in Hollywood, Rizal X
Bea Garcia - Actress: Xanadu, Next to Normal, Rizal X
Caisa Borromeo - Actress: Little Women, Shakespeare in Hollywood, Sweet Charity
Jake Macapagal - Actor: West Side Story, Next to Normal
Jenny Jamora - Actress: The Joy Luck Club, Breakups and Breakdowns, Aida
Topper Fabregas - Actor: Creative License, Shakespeare in Hollywood, Sweet Charity
Pam Imperial - Actress: Magsimula Ka, Rent
Raul Montesa - Actor: Rent, A Little Night Music
Astarte Abraham - Actress: Emir, A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino
Teresa Herrera - Actress: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Dogeaters, Love, Loss and what I wore
Kakki Teodoro - Actress: Orosman at Zafira, Zsazsa Zaturnnah, Aida
JM Rodriguez - Actor: Annie, Romeo and Juliet, Rent

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