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Licensing Expo: More Promo Posters of Sequels and Reboots

Ok here is where I dump all of the not so exciting release of Licensing expo that includes sequels and reboots. But I'll start with the best of the bunch.

Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-man's new font face adds a more edgy and modern feel for the franchise.  Another promo poster that seems to be rendered art of Batman for The Dark Knight Rises but says"Return of the Dark Knight". Seriously this is a better title for the movie. They should use this as the final title for the film.

And the rest are the one I'm not really interested to including a bunch of licences movies from Paramount pictures.  Some notable classics are easily spotted and most purist are now complaining why these titles are being remade.  Well I can't blame them especially if the movie is like Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Godfather.

Though most of this titles don't really stand out of the crowd compared to Avengers, Spider-man and The Dark Knight Rises, I'm still  looking forward of seeing the new Footloose, Tintin and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  I hope this movies will not disappoint me.
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Ching Nicolas said...

I'm tired of reboots. :|

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