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Karylle: Going International with Philips and The Kitchen Musical

I remember those days that I followed Encantadia every single night and Karylle is my favorite Sangre (Princess) because of the obvious reason that she can sing (I'm a sucker for singers).  Back then I believe Karylle is the most under rated actor and performer on local TV and Movie industry.  Maybe that is the reason why she transfered to the other network which I think opened a lot more opportunities for her including a lead casting on a musical and more TV projects.

Fast forward today, Karylle is indeed doing very good with the road she took years ago.  She is now an independent record producer, certified hit maker, and a rising blogging personality.  Now being managed  under STAGES Production Specialists,  she is now breaking the barrier by doing big International projects in ASIA and EUROPE.

Weeks ago Karylle flew to London and Amsterdam to shoot episodes for Nigel and Victoria, a UK hit web comedy series about a fictional couple on the persona of a gadget reviewer named Victoria Koblenko and a Philips Marketing Executive known to be Nigel Williams.  Currently Nigel and Victoria did become romantically involved making Philips decide to find a new Victoria that will play the reviewer on the web series.

Nigel will be looking for candidates around the globe and Karylle is chosen to be one of the candidates.  Tough job right?  But since Kaye is a natural born performer, the shoot just flowed smoothly without problems with both production and executive staff happy of Karylle's uncanny rapport with the camera.  The episodes will be uploaded very soon online and will be available for every one in the world to see.

The Kitchen Musical cast: Thou Reyes, Karylle, Christian Bautista and Ikey Canoy
Aside from being Philips' ambassador, Karylle is also chosen to be part of an Asian Musical TV series titled The Kitchen Musical.  The show will be shot in Singapore and will be aired on major Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines through various networks.  Karylle will be playing the role of Maddie, a Talented Sous Chef on a restaurant called Avalon.  She will be joined by fellow Filipino performers like Thou Reyes, Ikey Canoy and Christian Bautista who will be playing Maddie's childhood friend, Daniel.  The four will be working side by side with other international actors and performers for four months to finish the first season's 13 episodes ready for broadcast on October.

Though everything seems running smoothly for Karylle, there are still times that she need to sacrifice a lot and gamble for these opportunities.   These sacrifices includes her visibility on local showbiz scene and her suppose to be next musical show, The Light in the Piazza which is I heard will be postponed until next year.

Well for me I'm just happy for Kaye for having these big opportunities pouring in to her career.  I guess blessings just come on the right time.  Sacrifices are definitely part of it since you can't really have everything.  It is just a matter of having the right choices.  And most of the time we will never know if our choices are right unless we try and find it out for ourselves.

We wish you the best of luck Kaye.  Make our country proud :)

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