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Final Destination 5 Trailer Hits the Net

Yes I know.  Many people are already tired of this franchise and everybody thought the previous one is literally the "Final" of the bunch.  But then again here comes Final Destination 5 ready to tell once again a very predictable tale of people who escapes death just to die the same order they should have die earlier.  Here is a first look of the movie's official theatrical trailer.

But to be honest, beyond the tiring plot and the forced tie up to all the previous movies, Final Destination is still an entertaining movie.  The film's violence, gore and blood gave people enough reason to stick with the franchise for so many years.  I just wish MTRCB will not butcher this film but then again, that is wishful thinking.

Directed by Steve Quale and bringing an ensemble of cast led by Emma Bell (The Walking Dead) and Nicholas D’Agosto (Heroes), along with Miles Fisher (Gossip Girl), Arlen Escarpeta (Friday the 13th), Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood (The Bold and the Beautiful), P.J. Byrne (Dinner for Schmucks) and Ellen Wroe (Huge).

Opening across the Philippines on August 2011, “Final Destination 5” is a production of New Line Cinema and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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