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And He Conquers Midgard: Thor Movie Review

It has been days since I saw Thor (twice) and the excitement is still not wearing out.  I'm always skeptic over superhero movies and most of the time I don't really expect too much so that I will not be disappointed.  But Thor is definitely an instant hit beyond I ever imagined surpassing my wildest expectations.

Seeing Thor for the first time is like watching Iron Man when it first premiered years ago. It is absolutely a dream come true. A long waited movie that most fans never imagined will ever be on the silver screen. Many fans are even against it because of the numerous disasters of comic book to Hollywood adaptations these past few years. But Marvel and Director Kenneth Branagh proved them wrong when Thor came out and it is not the film everyone is expecting to come.

The Good

Straight forward and Focused.  One of the most critical element of a superhero movie specially if it is the first one is the origin.  In fact most critics based their reviews mostly on how movies interpret the hero's roots.  Some films succeeded on this part with flying colors but in order of bringing an accurate origin compromises films overall running time.  With Thor, they managed to show Thor/Asgard's origin without wasting a lot of film and appropriating those running time to what the movie really needs to show -- ACTION.

Mythology at its finest.  Thor is a comic book hero but other than that, he and the entire realm of Yggdrasil are actually based on a existing Mythology from Norway.  So that extends Thor's audience from comic book aficionados to Fantasy and Mythology freaks.  The film did a good job on giving the Realm of Norse mythology a new face making it a little cosmic for the modern world.

Fan Service.  Do I need to say more?  The movie didn't hesitate showing things what fans want to see on a Thor Movie.  From the lines, attitude, action scenes and even action poses.  Thor delivers an ultimate fan service that fans will definitely die to see.

The Bad

The movie is almost perfect not until the Warriors three ruined it.  In fairness to them, they are good actors.  But they are suppose to be bad ass celestial beings.  They are one of the top warriors of Asgard but they end up becoming a bunch of wuss.  They don't even look like the character at all.

Yes they nailed Fandral's (Joshua Dallas) look perfectly but Hogun (Tadanoobu Asano) and Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) is a complete fail.  Ok, I can forgive Hogun for not having those Mongolian sinister mustache and beard but what I can't forgive is what they've done to Volstagg.  Volstagg is suppose to be one of the most adorable character in Asgard.  His big frame gave a lot of contribution to his endearing personality.  So why did the production hired a ripped Ray Stevenson to play a massive and round Asgardian?   It is so wrong!  They should have stick with the classic Volstagg look and hired plus sized actors to play him.

Well other than that the movie is completely perfect.  I'm not really surprised when the movie garnered a total of $39M in box office and that is before it even hits US cinemas. Also more than cash returns are concerned, Thor also did good on critics when the film receives a 95% approval rating on the review aggregator website and a 6.8/10 approval average from Rotten Tomatoes (55 reviews).

So does Thor deserves your hard earned cash?  The answer is definitely a big YES!  Catch Thor on both 3D (IMAX and Digital) and 2D theaters nationwide and witness the movie that opens summer with a big bang.  Directed by Kenneth Branagh from Marvel Studios distributed by United International pictures Philippines.
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