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The Final Lease: Rent Manila

I've been staring in the computer for hours thinking on how will I write something that will convince every one to see RENT's final shows this weekend.  Honestly, I'm out of words.  After almost a year, I grew tired of stitching words just to sell this show to people.  But not because I'm also getting tired of RENT.  It is just that, I still don't understand why people still need to be convinced.

9 Works Theatrical's presentation of Rent is not perfect.  There are these flaws on both vocals and acting and most of the time in technical area.  But beyond the misses, this run had a lot of reasons to be celebrated because they proved that they can make it much better every time they do it.  

I can sit here and tell in details why I like the show but that would be just a waste of time since most people would not really spend time reading the technicalities of musical theater.  I might even scare people away.  Bottom line, what really matters most is the production convey what the creator really wants to impart to its audience.  And I'm completely positive and confident that this show like any other Rent productions didn't fail to immortalize Jonathan Larson's greatest masterpiece.  

I have a lot more things to share about the show but what people just really need to know is I laughed, danced, sang and definitely cried hard with them (Thanks to OJ Mariano's heart wrenching performance).  In other words, I enjoyed it a lot.  And I believe that is already more than enough reason to watch the show.

There are only 3 remaining shows this weekend.  This could be your last chance to watch it here in Manila.  So take my advice.  If you haven't seen it before, Watch it now.  Apart from being an entertaining show, I'll promise you it will change your life forever.

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