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Francisco Baltazar's Orosman at Zafira: an Epic Musical

The best thing about critics and reviewers like me is we get to experience so many things before other. People asked for our judgement while sometimes we enjoy giving negative criticism just because it simply feeds our ego. But people doesn't realize that we also have the hardest job ever. And that is defending something that is new and unconventional while putting our credibility at stake .

Weeks ago I was given the opportunity to experience this one show. It is far different than most of the shows that are currently playing in the metro. It is ancient, it is tribal or let's just put it this way: old fashioned. It is the show that is completely opposite of our generation and it is not the average music genre that you will listen on your player. But I was very surprised, beyond I ever imagined that behind the archaic text and tribal chants is a magnificent and jaw dropping performance. But that is definitely an understatement.

Perfection resonates all over the show. From the intoxicating music (Carol Bello), to the exhilarating choreography (Dexter Santos) and the triumphant performance of the company leaves me literally and figuratively breathless. The last time I saw something like this is when I saw the local production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats and I'm so awed that we can also do something like that if not much better but as good as what our foreign counterparts can do.

Maita Ponce and Jean Judith Javier (together with the rest of female cast) captivates me with their unparalleled beauty and femininity.  But behind those fragile facade are fierce warriors that embodies female empowerment that you will definitely not see on most shows. Tao Aves is exceptional. Her voice is one of kind. She will reap out your spirit and will leave you shivering to your soul... and I mean that in a good way.

The males on the other hand have their fair share of good qualities and they serve their purpose quite well. They are strong and finely built for the show. But other than representing the power and masculinity, the actors also show their soft side of acting that impresses me beyond my expectations.  They are not just eye candy for the girls who literally swooned over their perfectly chiseled physique.  They are actors and absolutely one of the finest in the country.

I have a lot more things to say about this musical but I'm afraid that it's already not necessary. All you need to know is they rocked me out of my senses.  Francisco Baltazar's Orosman at Zafira is undeniably the show to die for this year and I'm certainly craving for more.

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Anonymous said...

It's that good, eh?

Joriben Zaballa said...

@anonymous yes

Anonymous said...

Catch OROSMAN at ZAFIRA on its Last Saturday Matinee run!
[Feb 26/Sat/3PM @ CenterStage, Mall of Asia]

To reserve and purchase tix, contact Onay 0918.536.2116
Ticket Price: P350

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