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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

First Look on Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger

Marvel Studios just released another promotional photo from Captain America: The First Avenger that reveals Steve Roger's sidekick, Bucky Barnes played by Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl, Black Swan).

To none comic buffs out there, Captain America (Steve Rogers) also use to have a sidekick back in World War 2. After the death of James' (Bucky's real name) father in an army training, he is officially adopted by the US army and live in the camp among the soldiers where he met Steve. He becomes Steve's sidekick when he discovered Steve's real identity as Captain America. Then after that a lot of retroactive continuity happened in comics: he died, he is resurrected and lastly he assumed the place of Steve as Cap when the later died 3 years ago.

If the Batman films can stand without Robin in it, it is the complete opposite of the Captain America film.  The film can't exist without Bucky because he is a prominent character on Cap's origin.    I just hope everything works well.

So far we don't have a clear photo of Bucky wearing his signature costume so for now I'm reserving my judgement until I see him wearing it or until the trailer hits the net.

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