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Alanguilan and Arre Teams up for a Darna Fan Fiction

Just got a heads up from twitter that a very new Darna Fan Fiction is created by two of the most notable local comic creators in the country.

Gerry Alanguilan

Arnold Arre

Once again Gerry Alanguilan of Elmer and Wasted fame teams up with Arnold Arre of Mythology Class and Andong Agimat after paring up in Mango comics' Lastikman years ago to bring us now "Darna Lives".

I don't want to spoil everyone but to give you a little idea this Darna is obviously told on Narda's later years.  You will see an older and retired Narda happily married with a family.  As you can see it has a little Alan Moore feel in there. The first installment of the fan fiction is available free for everyone to read on this link.  The next installment will be posted on March 2.

Can't wait to read the next pages.
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