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Tastefully Sexy: Love and Other Drugs Movie Review

The only predictable thing about romantic comedies are clichés and Love and Other Drugs is definitely one of them.

Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a medical representative who takes sex as his everyday pill.  One day he met Maggie (Anne Hathaway), a patient suffering Parkinson's Disease Stage 1. Despite the rough start between the two, they eventually settled on something they both want--less talk, more sex, no strings attached.  As the complicated arrangement goes on for a couple of days, Jamie finally felt something that he never thought he will feel for Maggie.  For the first time EVER, Jamie falls in Love.

A debonair meets sick girl, they fall in love and they have sex.  Quite a cliché right?  But despite the predictability, cheesy pick up lines, raunchy pajama parties and of course more sex, the film didn't fail to deliver a sensible understanding of human relationship and not to mention an interesting and comprehensive perspective on the field of Pharmaceutical Sales Industry.  As a kid who grew up with a mom who works as a medical representative, I somehow can relate with Jamie's experiences.  The all day travel from town to town just to talk and convince doctors to get their drugs on their prescriptions plus dealing with different egos and attitude, it's a tough job.

It is also refreshing that the story is about Parkinson's disease and not the usual life threatening illnesses like heart disease, leukemia, bone marrow cancer etc.  It is easy to pull emotions if you are in a near death experience because of the fact that people are afraid of death.  That's why this film is different.  No one is dying but the emotions are there, strong, infectious and real

I want to commend the lead's performance for showing something that are more than what I expect.  I enjoy watching them on screen and I can't help myself but admire their chemistry.  Through the years, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal had already proven that they both grown out of their comfort zones.  As a proof, here is a movie that requires them to perform sensitive scenes that (for some people) are almost hard to digest from a regular mainstream rom-com and executed them tastefully.

Love and Other Drugs could be your average Romantic Sex Comedy but it has this sweet and real way of telling a story that may inspire everyone to live their life free from inhibitions and doubt.  This is the film all lovers must see and definitely a highly recommended date movie this weekend.  Now showing on Philippine cinemas, from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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