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Resorts World Manila presents KAOS Musical

Been hearing a lot of good raves over this musical that premieres last year in Resorts World and I'm putting it on my "to-watch" list before it ends probably 4 months from now.

KAOS tells a story inspired by the medieval times of Kingdoms, Magic and Legends. It is a tale of a Prince (Gian Magdangal: RENT, The Wedding Singer) who's willing to do everything to find his one true Love. So with the use of the Advisor's (Joel Trinidad: Avenue Q, Defending the Caveman) enchanted Mirror, the Prince traveled in time to find her no matter what the cost. But as hope seems lost and defeated, the Prince met a helping hand in an image of a true symbol of bravery: KAOS, the legendary white Lion.

Jemuel Victorino as the King

Joel Trinidad as The Advisor

Martha Joy as the Heroine

The Musical is composed of stellar cast of musical actors as the main leads. Joining the show is Gian Magdangal (Prince) known from his breakthrough performance in RENT and The Wedding Singer and Joel Trinidad (Advisor) who's staging his very first musical this coming Feb and also the one who writes KAOS's script. Other cast includes Martha Joy as the Heroine, Jemuel Victorino as the King and Enrique Polo as the good wizard.

Other than being a musical show, KAOS features a series of Circus acts such as acrobatics, Motor Cycle stunts and animal performances from world renowned performers and troupes.

The show is also the very first musical to be staged in Resorts World's 1,500 seat Newport Performing Arts Theater (NPAT). The theater has a VIP exclusive section and features state-of-the-art technology lighting and sound system. It also featuresthe largest Euro LED wall ever built in the Philippines. The Euro LED wall is installed on the center of thestage, which serves as a backdrop for 3D sceneries. The theatre is also built with an elaborate fly systemwith 27 battens and a 9 meter diameter revolving stage with 3 sets of scissors type stage risers, eachcan be lifted up to 2 meters from the stage floor.

Hmm this makes me more interested to see the show.  Though I will admit, I don't really dig Circus themed performances but still I think this show is worth checking out.  Currently running in Resorts World Newport Performing Arts Theater from Wednesdays to Fridays.   Grab your tickets by calling Mikhail Maiquez at +63906-304-8873 or email him at mikhail.maiquez@rwmanila.com.

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