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A Not So Big Adventure: Gulliver's Travels Movie Review

The first time I saw the trailer of this movie, I'm already expecting a big movie event specially that this is based on a popular literary masterpiece. But everything go straight down hill when I saw it. It is not what I expected.

Gulliver's Travels tells a story of Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black) who works as a mail room clerk on a publication in Manhattan. Lemuel is your ultimate loser type guy who never goes forward on his life because of low self-esteem. This also prevents him from courting the girl that he likes, Darcy (Amanda Peet). One day after submitting a forged write-up to Darcy, Gulliver is tasked to cover a story in Bermuda about the mysterious disappearance within the triangle. Thinking that this job will eventually impress Darcy, Gulliver instantly accepts it without knowing what lies beyond the Legendary forbidden Triangle.

I really thought this is an epic movie but I'm very very wrong. This is just your average Jack Black movie that used the main idea of Swift's novel of a man who got lost on a land of little people. Forget the political satire. There is nothing so substantial on the script in terms of its original source material. So this is a good news for everybody who haven't read the book and a bad news for bookworms who love the novel.

The movie is an easy watch. It is fun ride all through out. You may find yourself laughing out loud on all the scenes but if you are the one who are tired of Jack Black's toilet humor, you may try avoiding this film for a while maybe for now because it could get very very annoying and idiotic.

I also expect more on the special effects but everything is quite conventional. Blue screen and a 3D rendered robot are quite ordinary for films like this. And some generated bad weather atmosphere is an effect even studios here in the Philippines can produce in just less than a week. Quite very disappointing indeed.

Too bad I can't hardly say anything more about the movie. I can't even say anything about the cast except the fact that I really think Emily Blunt is pretty and I like her. If you just want to relax and watch something you don't need any brain function and laugh on every exaggerated moments of Jack Black then grab your friends and family and go to the cinemas and watch the film.

Gulliver's Travels is now showing in all 3D and conventional theaters directed by Rob Letterman and Starring Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Billy Connolly, Catherine Tate and Amanda Peet. The film is a production of 20th Century FOX and distributed by Warner Bros.
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