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A Night of Revelations: A Little Night Music Manila Review

After watching "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", finally another Sondheim classic just made its way on the Philippine theater scene.  A Little Night Music is a tale of several couples who are in search of their true Love. It could sound a bit cheezy but the show has a mature tone that discusses passion and infidelities between Lovers.

To be honest, at first I'm not really excited to see the show because of the show itself. I'm drawn to the show because included on the cast are unconventional actors who you will never ever think will ever join such kind of musical show. Of course I'm talking about Ms. Dawn Zulueta.

The modern faces of Desiree Armfeldt.  L-R: Bernadette Peters, Dawn Zulueta and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Known to be an excellent actress on TV and Movies, still I never imagined her joining a stage musical (though I just found out that she did join a musical 10 years ago). But with this show, I'm so proud to say that Ms. Dawn Zulueta did gave justice to the character played by Catherine Zeta Jones and Bernadette Peters. Ms. Dawn never failed amazing everyone in the theater. Me and my friend are left speechless, our jaws dropped on the floor whenever she is on stage. Nonie Buencamino also surprised me. I know he is an excellent actor ans probably one of the best on our industry. But playing on a Sondheim piece is a big challenge just like what he mentioned on some of his interviews. Both Dawn and Nonie are big revelations to the audience and this show is definitely a night to remember not only for them but also for us.

L-R: Anne Egerman played by Cris Villonco, Henrik Egerman played by Felix Rivera,
Desiree Armfeldt played by Dawn Zulueta and Frederik Egerman played by Nonie Buencamino

But despite overwhelming attention on Ms. Dawn Zulueta and Mr. Nonie Buencamino, I still got the chance to see the great talents behind them. Felix Rivera playing Henrik Egerman as always delivered a believable performance as the confused and emotionally deranged son of Nonie Buencamino's character. Cris Villonco managed to show a sweet innocent image but at the same time also shows a very playful and flirtatious persona (and I really like her accent).

The rest of the cast did a very good  job both musically and acting wise and I'm so happy of being entertained by these group of stage geniuses. But I want to send my praises to the excellent performance of Ms. Alys Serdenia. I remember I saw her first on High School Musical years ago and she plays a minor role. Then after several years, I got to see her again in Legally Blonde and the previously hit Xanadu. From playing a lesbian law student to being the muse of erotic poetry, and now back in this musical playing the smoking hot Petra, Alys amuses the audience with her powerful voice, acting chops and a stage presence that marks her best performance so far. Watching her singing "The Miller's Son" gave me goosebumps and she totally owned the stage.

The entire cast of A Little Night Music during the Dinner scene
L-R sitting: Count Malcolm (Jake Macapagal), Desiree (Dawn Zulueta),  Henrik (Felix Rivera),
Madame Armfeldt (Jay Glorioso), Anne (Cgris Villonco), Frederik (Nonie Buencamino) and Charlotte (Jenny Jamora)
L-R Standing: Mrs. Segstrom (Jennie Nuyda), Mr. Lindquist (Raul Montesa), Mrs. Anderssen (Agnes Fenoli),
Fred (Gabriel Santos), Petra (Alys Serdenia), Mrs. Nordtsrom (Tenee Chan) and Mr. Erlanson (Glen Llanes).

I really never thought that I will enjoy this show. For a guy who always love contemporary and modern day productions, A Little Night Music is indeed a big revelation for me and another lesson no to judge a show because of its vintage nature. Though the show exhibits an specific time period (1900) shown prominently through cultural references on the story, the essence of the plot remains timely who I'm very sure any one can relate in to.

I highly recommend this show to everyone. You will never regret buying a ticket for this magnificent show directed by the one and only Bobby Garcia (Cindrella, Avenue Q, Xanadu).  Catch the final shows this weekend and call the numbers below to get your tickets.


Date/Time Showbuyer Contact Info
30 OCT, SAT, 8PM Bel Pacheco
Visit Website
31 OCT, SUN, 3PM Atlantis Productions 892-7078

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