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Mara Clara Noon at Ngayon

I remember those days that all of us in the household stops doing anything just to watch this soap opera.  Until now we are puzzled why we never get tired of watching the same show for almost 5 years.  Mara Clara is one of the most historical masterpiece in local entertainment industry that proves Filipino can create something worth watching.

Now that ABS CBN is bringing back the legendary tv series.  It is just right to choose rightful cast that will play all the original characters from the show.  Here is a short reel introducing all the new characters including some of the old actors who played them like Juan Rodrigo, Christopher Roxas, Eagle Riggs, Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes.

The challenge now  for ABS CBN is can they  make something like the original Mara Clara or can they surpass what it has achieved.  In an era where audience prefers watching foreign tv series, will Mara Clara survive the prime time slot race.  Only time can tell.

Mara Clara will premiere on October 25 in ABS CBN Prime time Bida.

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