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Looking Back on Memories: Cats Now and Forever

I was just organizing my files on my laptop when I stumble upon some of my past materials during the Cats Manila staging here in Manila. Seeing the photos and videos just brings back that night a month ago when we shared a love affair with these feline creatures of the night. So for just one moment for those who watched it and for those who missed it, here are some excerpts from Cats Now and Forever.

This video features one part of the opening sequence when the Jellicle Cats arrived on a dumpster where they will have the Jellicle Ball. This is the night where all in the tribe meet once a year hoping to be chosen as the one to be sent to the Heaviside layer.

The video above features John O'Hara who played teh character of Rum Tum Tugger. Rum Tum Tugger is the rocker Cat among the tribe and characterized to be very intimidating but fairly flamboyant. It is a surprise that people are very amused with John O'Hara's version of Tugger. Me myslef find it more superior compared to the one who played it on the video who is John Patridge. Maybe because of O'hara's natural swagger who captivates the audience a lot.

This particular scene is the most unique part of the show where Sillabub played by Alyse Davies performed a part of "Moments of Happiness" in Tagalog. The tagalog transcript is provided by the country's top writer and poet Pete Lacaba. Unfortunately everyone on the theater burst to a loud applause that most didn't heard what does the lyrics say. But for everyone here is the tagalog manuscript of that verse.

"Liwanag, harapin ang liwanag
Ang iyong alaala ang gabay na sundin
Sa liwanag, ligaya ay matatagpuan
Bagong buhay ay darating"

And last but definitely not the least. In fact it is the best part of the show, when our very own Lea Salonga enters the stage and enchanted us with her brilliant performance as the iconic character Grizabella the glamour cat. Ellen Paige did a very good performance but Lea just perfectly nailed it.

I will not forget this show. Watching Webber's Cats is a big turning point in my life as a musical lover. Cats will indeed live Now and Forevermore.

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