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Going Extra Mile for Love: Going The Distance Movie Review

Space is really a big deal to every relationship specially to Garrett (Justin Long) and Erin (Drew Barrymore) when one day they decided to embark on a difficult relationship setup when the latter left New York back to her hometown to study. In the first months of the affair, it seems to be easy for the both of them. But as time goes by, the two realizes that the more they try the more fate tries to separate them from each other.

From the Academy Award®-nominated documentary filmmaker Nanette Burstein (On the Ropes) makes her feature film directorial debut and written by Geoff LaTulippe New Line, Cinema and Warner Bros. presents a bitter sweet tale about relationship that crosses the borders of the heart.

I'm really surprised that this film surpasses my expectations. I really thought that this is just another of your average romantic comedy flick. It is not boring at all because it tackles a very timely issue regarding relationships. Though the long Distance relationship can't be applied to Filipino Culture (because most Filipinos can maintain good relationship even if they are apart for years), somehow some of us can still relate to how we cope and survive a thousand of miles affairs. The film is also surprisingly funny and most scenes still makes me laugh hours after the show though I just feel awkward with too much naked Justin Long scene. But despite giving us the laughs, the film is touching and sensible.

Drew Barrymore already proved that she is a good actress for more than 3 decades of acting career and tried almost everything from being the girl next door, the bad-ass chick and the serious one.  And Justin Long didn't disappoint me either.  People may see him as that goofy dude but I hate to admit it that he can really act.

This is also one of those comedy flicks where the supporting casts are not just bit players but important characters that helps build up the relationship that surrounds the central characters.  Christina Applegate  as Corinne is overprotective over Drew's character Erin but still liberated letting her sister decide and choose her own decisions on her relationships.  This is the first time Applegate and Barrymore will work together but it appears that they do have good chemistry as sisters.  The tandem of Jason Sudeikis as Box and Charlie Day as Dan are not just there to add up to the comedic atmosphere of the film but also serves as Garrett's conscience, confidant and not to mention brothers.

If you want to learn something about Long Distance Relationship, I will be honest to you this is not the film for you. Because like what I mentioned earlier the plot is more applicable to american culture. But if you just want to relax, have fun and fall in love, then grab those tickets and popcorn and watch this film with your love one or better yet with friends and family. Just don't tell me that I did't warn you about the naked Justin Long scenes LOL.

Opening on September 3 across the Philippines, Going the Distance is a New Line Cinema production, and distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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