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Experience High Class Entertainment: New Port Cinemas

Watching movies is one of my guilty pleasures. I can skip a meal or even a day with a girl but I will seldom skip a movie night out. But sometimes going to the movies can become disastrous. Sometimes a cinematic experience can go straight to hell when the cinema lacks a good facility not to mention a relaxing environment. So after the movie, you will be more annoyed on the theater than the bad movie you just watched. You didn't even get the worth of your ticket. But I guess I just found the right cinema for me.

Weeks ago I was just contemplating on what movie should I see since it is almost weeks since my last movie night. And then suddenly I saw this invitation on Plurk for a Despicable Me private screening (Thanks Az). Without any questions I signed up without even knowing where is the venue. Then last week Azrael informed us that it is sponsored by Newport Cinemas. The first thing that came to my mind - Dyahe anglayo. But after thinking about it, maybe its time to try something new since I haven't tried watching a movie there.

I arrived at the venue with my eyes open wide. First impression: High Class. There is no way I will be hanging on this Mall slash Casino establishment. At this point I'm already imagining what is the ticket price of the cinemas. So for a moment I reserved that thought after the movie. So after the movie I asked Ms. Tinay Magtira of Megaworld Commercial Division regarding the ticket price and I was amazed that the ticket prices are cheaper than I expect.

Cinema 2 and 4 considered as the regular theaters have unobstructed stadium seat viewing with rocker seats by Ferco of Italy with comfortable arm rests. There is spacious leg room and built-in cup holders per seat. Not to mention a Dolby Digital Surround for maximum cinematic pleasure. And you will experience everything in just P200 ticket price.

Clean, relaxing and not to mention a spacious cinemas just for the movie lovers and of course
also for those who just want to relax after a tiring day at work.

This is indeed the start of the 3D cinema revolution. Almost all upcoming movies now are shot on 3D specially those upcoming and recent animated features like Despicable Me. And I guess Newport Cinemas is aware of that. So they have Cinema 3 equipped with Christie Solaria CP2230 Digital Cinema Projector (same technology that Eastwood Cinemas have), the brightest digital cinema projector in the Christie Solaria series to give their patrons not only the pleasure of relaxation but also an over the top 3D experience that can be matched to IMAX cinemas. And believe it or not, in just P300 you can have this magnificent service right in front of you. Talking about being reasonable.

with this seats, I can say that I can live here.

Hmmm popcorn.  Buy some before you enter the cinema and have unlimited supply for it
when you avail the Ultra Cinema 1 service.

Resorts World also launched the Ultra Cinema 1 theater. If you want to experience being a VIP or even a King, then this is the thater for you. Equipped with fully reclining seats with extended leg rests made of premium fabric and high grade cushion for supreme comfort. The 80 seats are laid-out by pair enclosed by a private viewing pod for utmost privacy. Unlimited drinks and popcorn delivered by personal butlers (hahaha can you believe that? Butlers. I so feel like Bruce Wayne now) at your request through a call button allocated per pod for personalized service. Now that is service deluxe for only P450.

The unholy alliance of Movie and Lifestyle bloggers
on Newport Cinemas Despicable Me Private Screening

You want a good deal with your money and enjoy a movie night like you always intend too?   Then Newport Cinema is absolutely one of the best choice for a quality and high class entertainment that will not compromise your budget. Visit them at the 4th Level of Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila. For inquiries and ticket reservation, please call 908-8811 or 0917-8380111.  Movie schedules are posted daily at the facebook fanpage.

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