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Ideas that Kill: Inception Movie Review

Summer is almost over and we have a lot of movies that really make it to the Box Office. What are the common elements that a movie should have so that it can take the top of this most coveted position on movie economy? Of course it should have a good lineup of actors. Secondly, it should be an adaptation of a best selling book or comic book or might as well its is a sequel or a remake of an old movie. And lastly, the most important one and the most popular element of films today: the movie should be in 3D. If your film has all of these elements, even if the story sucks for sure the movie will still top the Box Office. But enough of Box Office hits. It is time to feed our brains now. For the film that I will discuss, is something that is completely opposite of what I mentioned earlier.

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a man who specializes on a special security that involves human subconscious but also steals their client's ideas through extraction. Because of his skills, Dom is hired by the Tourist (Ken Watanabe) to perform a subconscious espionage that is directly opposite of Extraction called Inception. In return of Cobb's freedom to go back home, he agreed to do the job. Together with his team, Arthur the Point Man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the Newbie Ariadne (Ellen Page) the Architect, The sharp-tongued Eames (Ton Hardy)the Forger and Yusuf (Dileep Rao) the Chemist, Cobb prepares for his last assignment even if it is as dangerous as facing the Shade of his own mind.


Inception is a 2010 American science fiction action film written, produced and directed by the brilliant Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight). The movie's main idea is all about mind invaders, people who has the ability to navigate people's subconscious to be able to steal or even plant ideas inside their minds.

The film's primary plot appears to be simple and entertaining enough. But just like what is mentioned on the movie itself, the simplest idea is the most resilient. It can grow to a much bigger concept. This is how I interpret Inception. At first you will see something ordinary but as you progress dipper, you will realize that the film is much more complex than you think. Nolan successfully created a movie that simulates the audience's mind that most of us sparingly used when watching movies. The creation of multiverse on this film is also a breakthrough. An in-depth imagery of Dream world from rules, projections, states and even physical manifestations are very creative. Though the concept of Dream vs. Reality is already used on several movies before, Nolan still didn't fail to introduce something new and fresh.

Cotillard (Mal the Shade) and DiCaprio (Cobb the Extractor)

Characters are well lined up. Everyone has their role on the film. Giving each an specific job balances their importance to the story. There are almost no characters left behind. All the actors did a very good job specially DiCaprio and Cotillard. Their roles are the central point of the film. Their emotional and psychological disturbances is well performed and it amplifies the stress and pressure of the film's conflict. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also a favorite because he also did a good job complimenting DiCaprio and Ellen Page's role. And with his character Arthur, he manifested a skill on acting that will surely make him get more good projects in the future.

Arthur the Point Man  (Gordon-Levitt) during the hotel corridor action scene

In terms of set design and special effects, the production stick into practical methods and minimized the use of CGI to give the shots a more organic and realistic feel. As a result, the film's final product looks more believable and mind boggling at the same time. Like the hotel fight scene. Instead of using CGI, the production constructed a whole Hotel Corridor designed to be spun using a machine. The end product of the scene is so jaw dropping that you will really think that everything is done on CGI.

Inception is a complete mind orgy. It is a brilliant piece of art that marks another milestone for the film industry.  Though I'm not really sure if this film can achieve a top post on Box Office run because of its intellectual nature, it is still a must watch because it is still enjoyable even without over analyzing it.  But definitely this film is totally recommended to all people who want to watch something thought provoking. If you can afford it, watch the movie on IMAX. It is not on 3D but the big screen is a better experience.

Inception is now showing in all cinemas including IMAX. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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