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Finally it is Official: Charice is Joining Glee

I remember weeks ago when I heard about the news that Charice is joining Glee.  To be honest, I'm already expecting it.  With a big O behind her, it is not impossible for her to penetrate on that show.  But the day is not even over when Charice tweeted that it is not true.  Ok, I can move on with that but after several days the news resurfaced but now with the word "confirmed" and "official".

According to EW.com, after Charice denied the news about her appearing on Glee, now FOX is confirming the international filipina pop star's sealed deal with the Glee production.  It is reported that she will be playing as a talented exchange student that will be considered as Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele)  next rival and will start as a recurring role for the next season. 

I guess it is really official.  I really don't doubt Charice's singing prowess but what I doubt is her acting abilities.  But I do also have faith on the production that they will not choose somebody who don't have talent at least on acting.  Congratulations Charice and good luck.

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