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Recommendation for Iron Man 2

I'm still trying to catch my momentum and try to go back in blogging again after weeks (or even months) of abstinence in writing Movie reviews.  And I still feel that I owe those past movies I watched within those idle times of my journal a decent piece of my mind.  So I'm using Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios main offering of the year, Iron Man 2 as a stepping stone to boost my drive in blogging once more.  But to be fair to my past unpublished reviews, I'm just giving you a very short review... no,  rather a recommendation on what I think about this movie.

Iron Man 1 is better than Iron Man 2.

There, I said it.  Must be a pain in the ears for those fans and those who are expecting a lot for the movie.  But before you react I just want to make it clear that Iron Man 1 is better but I didn't say Iron Man 2 is that bad.

For now I will just leave everything on that.  Expect my detailed review on the weekend when all my work loads are carefully tucked here in the office while I'm at home free from corporate responsibilities.

Oh, yes.  I know.  My recommendation?  Definitely a thumbs up.  Watch Iron Man 2 and enjoy every minute of it.  Have a pleasant movie experience, Good night to everyone.

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