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Rumor: Jim Sturgess as the new Peter Parker

After learning that Sony , Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios decided to reboot the Spider-man film franchise.  The next big question is to who will they decide to give the peter Parker role since they will revamp everything from directors to cast.   There are a lot of rumors that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are both possible for the role but studio exec themselves didn't assure it and decides to look for the director first.  But since they already announced that the director is 500 days of Summer's Marc Webb then now they are set to choose who to star as Peter Parker.  And one name just popped out of the picture.

It has been said that Sony is currently eying for Jim Sturgess (21, Across the Universe) to play the teen super hero.   According to Reelcomix.com, sturgess has been offered the new spiderman in spiderman reboot based on an unknown reason.  But personally I think I know why they have the idea of getting Jim.  It is because he is also offered the same part as Peter Parker on the Spider-man musical on Broadway.

As of now there are no final announcement released.  Personally, I think Jim is one of the good choices to be the next Peter Parker.  He is a good actor but at the same time, he is not that famous.  Getting Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner is a suicide because personally speaking thay don't fit the role.

I hope he gets the role.

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Bogcess said...

I read this on yahoo about the revamp and was a bit sad because I was anticipating part 4. I wonder how the new spiderman will do.. Will wait for this movie!

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