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Avatar Movie Review

Been looking for a good jump start for my blog since I stop blogging after being so busy at work and getting sick and injured for a couple of weeks.  And now I just got a good reason to go back and blog again - AVATAR.

After almost more than a decade of Hiatus on feature film making, James Cameron is back with a vengeance with his latest masterpiece AVATAR.  AVATAR chronicles a saga of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), an ex-military who have been chosen on a diplomatic project in Pandora.   Under Project AVATAR, Jake's consciousness will be transfered to a remote alien body where he is able to walk and adapt with Pandora's native people called Na'vi.  Jake met Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), Princess of the Omaticaya Clan after she save him from a Nantang (Viper wolf) attack.  Despite being a stranger, Eytucan (Wes Studi), leader of the clan agreed to accept Jake.  As Jake learns the way of the Na'vi life, Jake didn't know the destiny that awaits him, the destiny that eventually will change his life forever.

After seeing the trailers and write ups about AVATAR earlier this year, I admit that I'm one of those who are not so convinced about the film.  Despite James Cameron's good track record with Titanic and Alien series, I really think Avatar could be just one of your average sci-fi flick of the year.  Nothing more, nothing less except the fact that it is set to premiere on 3D IMAX.  But after I saw the film,  I was proven wrong.

The movie is visually stunning.  Miles and miles different to the visuals of Transformers and Star Trek.  What do you expect?  WETA Digital is the one responsible for this genius.  Though the story is currently being on debate for its originality, I should say the movie revolutionized special effects on the big screen and probably will innovate the way movies are done in the future.  I really love how the CGI Na'vis are executed.  Despite being CGI, the acting of every Na'vi characters are realistic and believable.  I also like the production design that can be compared to some famous Role playing Games like the "Final Fantasy" and "Breath of Fire".

I'm seeing a lot of possibilities on this film.  I predict that this saga will eventually have a lot of sequels (or even prequels).  And I would love to see how James Cameron will expand the universe of Avatar in the future.  I highly recommend this film to everyone.  Watch it on a 3D cinema and enjoy as the world of Pandora unfolds in front of you.

Avatar is currently showing on all cinemas nationwide including Digital 3D and IMAX from 20th Century Fox distributed by Warner Bros..  Catch it now while you can and experience the Saga of Avatar.

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