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Survivor Philippines Palau Reunion Special Behind the Scenes

After the live telecast of Survivor Philippines Palau Finale episode, we all stayed at GMA for the taping of Reunion Special that will serve as Survivor Philippines' closing telecast for the fans.


The Castway Banners together with the fans waiting for the taping of Reunion special.

Maya looking good on that dress while Shaun smiling on the camera while carrying his daughter.

Amanda's proud father as he exits the studio to unwind outside
before the Reunion Taping starts

Justine's Tita (center back) together with friends and other relatives.

Getting Cozy with Nanay Zita (Season 1).

Face to face with the pretty boys of SP2: Suzuki, Vlad and Louie

Striking a pose with the legendary Immunity Idol

Light test!

Survivors now dressed to impress.

The valiant camera crew, still awake after a day of work.

Paolo while reading the script.

Amanda and Echo feeling drowsy while Vlad tries to grab a quick nap, lol

As well as Cris, Shaun and Myka

Lining up for the roll call.

The Ultimate Host of GMA shows - PAOLO

Survivor playing around the stage

The Gentle Giant and living basketball Legend - Cris Bolado


Jef, Echo, Justine and Tara trying their best to fight getting sleepy.

Myka and Troy before taping a special segment.

Meeting the raketista - Charles.

Striking a smile with Jef :)

The preggy Taray Queen - Tara

And here are clips of the unused closing segment for the reunion special.

Watch the Reunion special tonight, November 15 in SNBO, only in GMA 7.

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