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Mama Saleng's Secrets: Wanted Border Movie Review

Religious fanatic Mama Saleng owns a boarding house and eatery. When she was a child living with her grandmother, they were both either accused or suspected of being aswangs. Her thirst for humanity was quenched when she met undercover agent Jessie Beltran during the Martial Law, whose task was to terminate activists in Panay. Mama Selang grew to enjoy the face of death in her hands and totally embraced her childhood epithet of being an aswang. Now her boarders are disappearing one by one. Should her mysterious character be described what she has become can be rooted from traumas she sank into. So does she have something to do with the disappearance of her boarders? Does she butcher them? Is she a carnivore? No one will really know at first.

Wanted: Border is your typical Indie Digital flick.  Gritty, dark, real and yep, scary.  Talks about everything that is making our society rotten from inside out.  Incest, summary execution, drug and sex addiction, violence are just few of the things that you will see on this movie.  Depressing right?  But this is the ugly truth.  The scary truth of life.  And Director Ray Gibraltar created a masterpiece of art that reflects his angst years ago when he is writing it just like how he confess it when he claimed his award as the Best Director and Best Film for the Cinema One Originals 2009.  But regardless if the piece comes from a negative energy that thrives within Director Ray, no doubt Wanted: Border is an art worth remembering.

Rosanna Roces plays Mama Saleng.  After playing a lot of characters through her career, I never saw Osang play something like Mama Saleng.  Mama Saleng is like a female counterpart of Sweeney Todd but more scary.  This is her best performance so far on her whole showbiz career.  She is indeed the right one to receive the Best Actress Award for the Cinema One Originals 2009.

This movie is depressing.  This is one of the reason why I don't really enjoy watching independent and digital films.  Though I admit this film makers just want to show the reality.  Regardless if the reality is something very scary that will haunt our hearts for the rest of our lives.  Wanted: Border is another masterpiece written in the history of Philippine cinema.  I highly recommend this to everyone matured enough to understand the intricacy of human and social behavior.

Catch Wanted: Border in Robinsons Galleria this coming November 25 and have a chance to witness Ray Gibraltar's genius.  See you all there.

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