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DiscOVIries Grand Prize Winner

7 Weeks, 8 Winners.  It has been a very interesting 2 months tops of fun promo sponsored by OVI.  Now we've come to the point that I must choose who among my finalists must win the grand prize of a Nokia phone.  But before I announce it, here are the 8 eligible finalist for the grand prize.

Week 1 - Pose with Movie Promotional Displays

Bean DiscOVIrin' by Winston Almendras

Spidey Az by Azrael Colladila

Week 2 - Starstruck

Palito: Mukhang Bungo is back by Mica Rodriguez

Week 3 - Entertainment Souvenirs

Sweeney Todd Bladeby Rowena Wendy Lei

Week 4 - I Scream

there's an extra in my photo by Ryan Heinji De Leon

Week 5 - Artistahin: Celebrity Look Alike

Jimmy Santos by Jonald Linga

Week 6 - In to the Cinema

at home ako dito by Monch Acosta

Week 7 - Christmas is in the Air

Lots of balls! by Richard Mamuyac

Everyone will receive P2000 worth of Ayala EGCs from winning their respective weeks.  But other than the EGCs, they won a chance to win a Nokia cellphone.

Before I announce the name I want to share my criteria on choosing for the right one.  Everyone did a good job on their entries, no doubt to that.  Evidence is all stands out on their own respective weeks and themes.  But what makes me choose this winning entry is the lasting effects of his/her entry.  Secondly, though this is a contest of snapshots he still  bothered sending artistic shots that I really like.  A true mark of an artist.

So with no further ado, the winner for the DiscOVIries grand prize of Nokia 2330 Classic is:

I'm still spooked by this photo. To be honest, I still don't know who among the children is the one that didn't really belong to the group. Ryan did a good job playing with my mind. And I mean that in a good way. Here are his other entries that didn't make it on other weeks but proves this guy's artistry.

Congratulations Ryan for winning the DiscOVIries Grand prize and also to everyone who won the weekly promos. Wait for our email for the confirmation of the prize and for the directions on how to claim them.  thanks for joining and till next time.

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ryan said...

thank you very much, joriben!!!

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