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The Mystery Buried on the Ice: Whiteout Movie Review

Whiteout is a film based on a comic book by  Oni Press written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Steve Lieber.  The film is all about Carrie Stetko (Kate Backinsale) a U.S. Marshal working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

One day she discovers a dead body on a secluded area.  Upon examination, they found out that the body didn't die on natural causes but by murder.  The story moves through many Antarctic stations, as Stetko chases down suspects and finds more murders. On her quest to solve the case, she got face to face with the murderer himself.  But because of the upcoming Whiteout, Stetko suffers an injury that lead to the amputation of her two fingers.

I can't compare the comic and the film since I haven't read the comic book yet.  The story is unique since this is the first time a murder investigation is done in the Antartic.  What makes the whole story very interesting is it is a mystery film.  As you watch the film, you are also thinking.  Who among the characters are the real murderers.  Unless you already read the comic book.  Its like watching CSI though not as systematic and detailed.  It also showcases how Whiteout Experience look like which is I think more dangerous than an ordinary storm.  The twists are predictable and weak.  Every time they are revealed, it didn't give much impact to the audience plus the ending is too bland and flat.

I'm also not too impressed by the actors' acting performances.  There is nothing special with the acting though Kate Beckinsale had already proven her place on action flicks specially that she does her own stunts without doubles.

I'm still puzzled why the film got a "R" rating.  The violence and gore are not that intense and Kate's undies scene is sexy but not too provocative to get that rating except for a brief scene of a group of men running naked on Ice which is I think not a big deal because the scene is blurred and short.  Maybe the movie that we saw is already an edited version which means that the movie could be a lot more interesting with those trimmed scenes.

The movie is worth your money and quite entertaining enough for a mystery film, though don't expect too much for the film is straight forward and predictable.  Grab your pals and rush to the nearest cinema because Whiteout is opening across the Philippines this coming Sept. 16, to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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