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Jori meets Typhoon Ondoy

September 26, I woke up with everything all over our house wet.  It seems that cracks on the ceilings can't handle the heavy rain.  I'm sleeping downstairs on my brother's room and I went up to mine the minute I heard that everyone are busy taking care of the leaks on the second floor.  Nothing really so serious, some books got wet but not damaged, and some reading materials are covered with plastic.  After rearranging some of my things on a dry part of the room.

I went out of the house after hearing that the river beside our subdivision are already overflowed and wiped out all the squatters beside it.  We rushed to that part of the village and shocked that the flood is already thigh deep plus it is running.  I attempted to check a friend's house but the mud and flood is already to deep for me.  the communications are already cut from cellular phones, landlines and even internet.  So we don't have any means of communicating to outside world so together with neighbors we did the rescuing without the help of local government.

Despite the flood some of the residence refuse to go out of their house, so we forced them to get out and seek refuge on the dry land.  They are more concerned of their appliances than their lives even it is really evident that anytime their house can collapse.

I will never forget that day when Typhoon Ondoy hits us hard.  But what's important is I'm from Rizal and I'm alive. I want to thank everyone who texted me during those Nightmarish days of Typhoon Ondoy. It is indeed a Nightmare but thank god me and my family didn't experience the HELL it brought to those living beside the river near us. Thank god it is all over.

Now back to regular programming.

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