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Philippine Department of Tourism Launches Awesome Philippines Website

Last April 22, 2009 at the Museum Cafe in Greenbelt 4 Makati, The Department of Tourism and Yehey.com invited bloggers for an exclusive launch of their newest website: Awesome Philippines.

MTV Philippines (Also partner of the project) VJ Maggie Wilson took the liberty to open the event introducing the main man of the night Secretary Ace Durano. Sec. Durano first of all is thankful for the attendance of the bloggers in that event he then introduce two new TVCs that features our very own Filipina blogger (based on US) Christine Gambito aka Happy Slip. Based on the TVC and according to Sec. Ace, DOT is aiming more on the youth who makes up most of the travel demographics worldwide. They see to it that the campaign is light, fresh and cool.

Then Sherry Magno of Media Contacts introduces the website's main campaign for this year. The video remix campaign. The website is equiped with a video editing software where it enables everyone to use videos taken all over the Philippines by DOT and MTV and remix them to create unique video presentations.

After the presentation of the website. People from MTV Asia namely Yvonne Tey and Andrew Chan introduced an upcoming DOT campaign through Second Life. To people who are not familiar with Second Life, Second Life is an onlne virtual world that is very popular worldwide. Through MTV Asia, Second Life will soon launch an island in Second Life designed to promote Philippine Tourism. To be honest this is my first time to see Second Life in action face to face and it makes me very curious about the online community.

After the presentation, Sec. Ace and People of the Media Contacts, in the leadership of Eduardo Mapa answered some questions from the bloggers and after that everybody continued partying that night taking photos and chatting with the Secretary.

Now I'm really very proud that Im in the Philippines. I hope it is not too late to have a vacation before the summer ends.

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