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Bringing Mobile Internet Experience Up One Level with Sandbox

Ok you don't have a laptop with you but you need to check your emails or you need to get information through internet. What will you do? Well don't worry because most mobile devices now are internet ready. Because of this, people are starting to use mobile phones not only on call and text but also on mobile internet access.

Social media websites are the most in thing online for this is a medium where people build networks of people and friends in the cyberspace. But most social media sites are not design for mobile viewing which really frustrates most mobile internet users. But worry no more for the newest social media network site that is designed for mobile browsing had already arrived.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you Sandbox. A new social media networking site that enables user to connect with friends and share blog posts, photos and videos. It is also an online content store where you can buy music and games. So what sets it apart from other social networks? Well, the portal is also locally developed and thus there is a continuous stream of offline fulfillment through giveaways, raffles and prizes. And all of this features mobile ready.

Sandbox had also marked the history for being the first Mobile Social Media Networking site created and maintained in the Philippines.

Personally during the testing stage, we sure encounters bugs and glitches but that is normal for a new website on development. Even this popular social media network we know has a taste of bad times when it is starting several years ago and now it has a million user and still growing.

Sandbox had already shown us what it can do. it is your turn to experience it. So get out of the box and try this new service. Get out and try Sandbox.

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