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My Summer Adventure in Island Cove

The Summer is almost over and the rainy season is just had an early cameo appearance on every people's life here in our good 'ol country. But it is still not too late to share this amazing event this Summer that gave me an unforgettable experience in my life.

Last Month, March 5, 2009, together with my fellow bloggers, I am chosen to be part of a summer event in Cavite. It is sponsored by Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park and Yehey! The event is called Detour: Island Cove Adventure. At first, I have second thoughts of joining since I know physically I'm not capable of doing these kind of activities. But later I decided to join because I may not get the chance to try doing it in the future, so I grabbed the chance and signed up.

Morning of March 5, I meetup with fellow bloggers and Yehey! peeps in Bonifacio High Street. This is where we will be picked up by the Island Cove transportation service. Yeah, Service deluxe with 4 Vans (+ 3 cars from Yehey!). After several hours, we arrived at the resort.

Upon arriving at the venue, we took our breakfast first. While eating, Yehey! together with Island Cove staff briefed us about that day's event. First before Lunch we will take a quick tour to all the Resort's facilities for we need to be familiar of the whole venue for the challenges we will face.

But before going to the tour, Yehey! grouped us into 6 teams. Our team is composed of 5 members, Monique Lee, Hannah Villasis, our team leader Carl Valenzona, Me and Lace Llanora.

We took a very quick tour around Island cove, off course with the aid of a staff. But we enjoyed our stay in the Crocodile and Monkey Island and we took the chance to play around with monkeys by feeding them bananas. We also got a photo opportunity with the resident baby croc.

Now we are back in Sangley Point, we took our lunch and after that we assembled in the hotel to start the race. The race started first in getting the preliminary tools and equipment that we need for the challenge. We need to get a bag with flags, water, towels and bandanas. Our team splitup in the hotle and checked all the hotel rooms. Luckily I got the the 2nd bag, but sadly we need to be complete to advance in the race so I wait for my other teammates first. After several minutes, our team regrouped in the hotel's lobby. We are officialy declared as the last team to leave the starting point. We are also tagged as the Orange team because we got the the Orange bandanas.

I can't really remember the exact order of the challenge we take after that but what i can remember is that everyone of us in the team served our purpose. Monique likes shooting so she took the gun to perform the paintball challenge which last only for a couple of seconds, Hannah and Lace despite being the pretty faces and fashionistas of the team had proven there worth by showing agility and and stamina during those times we need them and our team captain Carl is worthy to be called leader for his ability to lead everyone of us during the challenge. As for myself, all I can be proud of is to finish the whole challenge without really quitting. Because I really can't imagine myself doing all those strenous activities.

Now we are nearing the end of the race, we go head to head with another team. So with a final strategic plan we, our team positioned ourselves and gathered all our energy for the last run. We beat that team and we reached the Fishing Village first. But upon arriving, we learned that there is already a team who got in first.

We got the second place on the race but despite the fact that we didn't got the first, still our team is fully satisfied and happy of the result especially me. Because I'm proud that I joined this challenge despite the fact that I'm not Physically fit for this kind of activity and snagging the 2nd place title is indeed a big deal.

Being one of the first team to arrive, together with the first placer team, we went to the Oceania to relax and take a deep before we all go home.

Thanks to Island Cove and Yehey! for this unforgettable experience. Looking forward for season 2.

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Hannah said...

wah!!! Ang galing!!! Ngayon ko lang nakita ang TEAM ORANGE picture!!! nice :) sana maulit muli :)

Joriben Zaballa said...

hahaha, sana nga.

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