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Riva Reyes: Finally a Girl of FHM

"Grabe ang sexy mo na ngayon. Di ka ba inaalok ng FHM na mag-pose?"

A prophetic question that me and my sister ask our friend, Emcel back in 2006 when I saw her in my Graduation party after so many years. And true enough after three years, Emcel is finally chosen to be included in the long list of Girls of FHM. But wait, who the hell is Emcel? Well, Emcel is none other than Riva Reyes herself.

Riva or Emcel to her close friends is an average towns girl from Angono, Rizal. But even before Riva already enjoys the spotlight that is why she joined the theater group back in Elementary (with me and my sister) and eventually developed her love in acting. Since then Riva have done some bit roles in TV and began appearing on some TV Commercials. Then in 2006 she is chosen to be included in the 24 contestants of Binibining Pilipinas. Though she didn't got the crown, Riva considers the experience a big contribution to her modeling career.

Now she is considered as one of the most anticipated model in Philippine Entertainment industry and we all hope that we will soon see her on TV again or better yet in the big screen.

For Riva's Exclusive Photos, login to FHM.com.ph

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