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Mainstream Loves Indie: A Talk About Philippine Cinema

Last February 7, 2009, a week before Valentines day we are invited on an intimate talk about Philippine cinema industry. When I reach the venue, I never knew that a place like Marilou Diaz Abaya Film Institute exists in Antipolo just a few kilometers from the civilization.

As I enter the institute, the talk had already begun. It was Director Laurice Guillen who is currently talking about the present status of our industry. Laurice Guillen is one of the pioneer female filmmaker in Philippine Cinema since 1980's. A very respected Actress and Director. Such notable projects of her is international film American Adobo and the Award Winning Tanging Yaman. Other than the present condition of Philippines Cinema, she also shared her life when she started on the industry. She and Direk Marilou are one of the few female directors back then and also considered the youngest. But they said, back then there are no prejudice and intimidation whether in terms of age or gender.

Another speaker present that day is Mr. Tony Gloria, head of Unitel Pictures and producer of numerous films both mainstream and indipendent namely Crying Ladies, La Visa Loca, Pinoy Blonde and Inang Yaya. Mainly he discussed how he decides to what film is rightfull to be produced. He shared his experiences with different films both good and bad. To everybody, Mr. Tony Gloria is one of the most open minded producers that exist in the industry for he is not afraid of taking the risk. And he is happy to continue what he is doing and produce more films that highten filipino viewer's interests.

Among the other speakers, the following are also present, Director Mark Meily who directed Unitel's Crying Ladies and the recent Metro Manila Film Festival 2008 Best Picture Baler, Sari Dalena of Rigodon and Room 213, Jim Libiran who is the director of Cinemalaya Awardee Tribu,
Tara Illenberger an Editor and Director and Lee Meily Cinematographer. And off course the founder of MDAFI and director of such award winning films like Jose Rizal and Muro Ami, Director Marilou Diaz Abaya. Everyone of them shared there stories and insights that gave hope to everyone in the room. Before we thought the local cinema is already dying but with there inspirational lecture we learned that there are still hope for this craft.

After the talk, we all mixup and tried to be acquanted to most of the people in the room. I personally thanked Direk Marilou for this inspiring talk that revives my passion in film. We toured around the institute and lend time to view some short films.

It is indeed a very enjoyable experience. I'm looking forward for the big possibility that I will be working on a film whether it is in Mainstream or independent.

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mgaputonimimi said...

kamakailan lang naghahanap ako ng pinoy indie films.. hindi ko maisip alin ang mga indie natin sa pinas.. kasi natuwa ako sa foreign indi ng thailand na "chocolate", "let the right one in" ng oslo at ang "hard candy"..

now i know indie pala ang crying ladies, muro ami at iba pa..
toinks. ^_^

Joriben Zaballa said...

no, Muro ami and crying ladies are mainstream.

*checks the article if he did mention they are indies*

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